ACI Healthcare USA

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Mission of ACI Healthcare USA

The mission of ACI Healthcare USA is to deliver value in generic pharmaceuticals to consumers and payors. For our direct purchasers of products, to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products with no or minimum supply interruptions. And to do all this while keeping our parent company’s financial and corporate objectives in mind.

For our employees to create a work environment that fosters mutual respect, teamwork and transparency, along with careers that are both financially and professionally rewarding.

About us

ACI Healthcare USA is a new generic pharmaceutical company.


The mission of ACI Healthcare USA is to deliver value of generic pharmaceuticals.


To play a leading role in improving the quality of life and well-being.

Quality Policy

AHL meets all national & applicable international regulatory requirements.

About Us

ACI Healthcare USA is a new generic pharmaceutical company and a subsidiary of ACI Healthcare Ltd. in Bangladesh. ACI Healthcare Ltd’s parent company is ACI Limited, a leading conglomerate in Bangladesh that is involved in consumer products, agricultural business, information technology, and retail chain, in addition to pharmaceuticals. The annual revenue for the ACI Group in 2015 was US $402 million.  Although the name ACI Healthcare USA is new in the US generic pharmaceutical industry, the company has been supplying high-quality generic pharmaceuticals in the US via its partners.

The goal of ACI Healthcare USA is to deliver significant value to consumers and to direct purchasers of the company’s products.

The company intends to achieve this goal by utilizing cost-effective manufacturing at its exclusive-to-the-US, cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Bangladesh. To continue to increase the product portfolio of ACI Healthcare USA, the company has R&D operations at the Bangladesh site and in other parts of the world, including the US. Keeping with its objective of delivering significant value to consumers, the company’s R&D activities range from developing run-of-the-mill generic products to developing generic alternatives of technologically advanced, hard-to-replicate, multi-billion dollar brands.

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